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Mosquito season peaks in summer and nothing ruins a nice time enjoying outdoor activities than a swarm of blood-thirsty mossies gunning for you. We’ve all been there. Just as annoying is trying to relax and take in a home movie or quietly read a book while several of the vicious little beasts are circling around…

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Have you ever come home from a long day of work to find your brand new indoor plant laying on the floor? Not only is your plant chewed to pieces, but it’s a real mess–dirt everywhere, pot smashed, and little dirt paw prints leaving the scene of the crime. 1. Keep your plants in a…

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Description: Cupid peperomia is a trailing plant with gorgeous heart shaped leaves. The thick glossy leaves are light green with creamy white edges. Around the stem joints and where the leaves meet the stem it’s light pink in colour making the plant look delicate. Don’t let the delicate look put you off as Cupid Peperomia is…

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Processed with VSCO with k3 preset Hanging baskets are a popular and trendy way to add greenery to any space, whether it’s a small apartment balcony or a large backyard patio. Not only do they save valuable floor space, but they also add visual interest and a sense of movement to a garden. When it…

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