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The ever-so-popular Fiddle Leaf Fig dominates today's interior design world and it's easy to see why. Looking to purchase a fiddle leaf with beautiful thick foliage? You've come to the right place.

Love indoor plants? So do we.

See how long you can get the String of pearls to grow. Perhaps you're looking for a tough plant that doesn't require much maintenance? Well the Zanzibar Gem is for you. After a beauty queen that dances throughout the day? The Zebra plant is for you but be warned she is a bit of a drama queen.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

$49.00 – $249.00

Devil’s Ivy - Pothos

$35.00 – $79.00

Monstera Deliciosa

$49.00 – $129.00

Zanzibar Gem

$45.00 – $229.00

Rubber Plant - Burgundy

$49.00 – $249.00

String of Pearls

$35.00 – $95.00

Birds of Paradise

$49.00 – $219.00

Stunning planters for your plants

If stocking an extensive range of plants wasn't enough. Treat yourself to one of our many custom-made boutique planters that use the same sizing system as our plants to make mixing and matching as easy as possible. If that's not enough, the purchase of any plant automatically entitles you to 25% off any selected planter.
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    About Bloomspace

    Based in Sydney Australia, Bloomspace is an online nursery that specialises in delivering large indoor plants to your home. We purchase beautiful plants from growers around Australia, look after them in our greenhouses to ensure quality and size, then carefully pack them to ensure safe delivery straight to your door.