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Have you tried every single method to get some rest but still wake up tired? Move over meditation! Here is the latest sleep solution – bedroom plants. Indoor plants can offer a tranquil, relaxing home environment in any room of the house. Their air-purifying qualities, relaxing scents and easy maintenance make them excellent sleep aids. Scientific studies have…

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Mosquito season peaks in summer and nothing ruins a nice time enjoying outdoor activities than a swarm of blood-thirsty mossies gunning for you. We’ve all been there. Just as annoying is trying to relax and take in a home movie or quietly read a book while several of the vicious little beasts are circling around…

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How to Grow Aloe Vera: Everything You Need to Know If there’s one thing most people know about aloe vera, it’s the plant’s medicinal properties. If nothing else, many of us have reached for an aloe-enriched cream to banish a nasty sunburn! Known by the Ancient Egyptians as the “plant of immortality,” aloe vera is…

Continue Reading For those of us living in modern industrialised societies, the general trend has been to spend more and more time indoors: sitting in an office or cubicle behind a computer screen, or at home watching the telly or playing video games. With all these hours spent inside, there’s less time for communing with the…

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