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Getting indoor plants in Australia isn't particularly difficult. Thanks to the monopoly of a rather large hardware store and our climate - obtaining plants has never been hard. Obtaining high-quality, healthy and fully-grown plants, now that is a whole other ball game!

Upholding Values - Bloomspace is Proud to Give Back When it Can

Proceeds from every sale are donated to global reforestation efforts through the Pledgeling Ecosystem. Our donations so far have led to the plantation of over 900 trees. We are also a proud supporter of many local growers in NSW, VIC and QLD.

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What's Trending

XL Fiddle Leaf Fig - Large Pot Plant - Bloomspace - 249.00 - Bloomspace
XL Fiddle Leaf Fig


25cm Pot, 100-150cm height
Devil’s Ivy - Pothos - small pot size - Bloomspace - 35.00 - Bloomspace
Devil’s Ivy - Pothos


Monstera Deliciosa - medium pot plant - Bloomspace - 70.00 - Bloomspace
Monstera Deliciosa


Rubber Plant - Burgundy - large pot plant - Bloomspace - 149.00 - Bloomspace
Rubber Plant - Burgundy


Large multi stems
Neon Pothos - Goldilocks - medium pot plant - Bloomspace - 39.00 - Bloomspace
Neon Pothos - Goldilocks


Sansevieria - medium pot plant - Bloomspace - 79.00 - Bloomspace
Heartleaf Philodendron - small pot size - Bloomspace - 59.00 - Bloomspace
Heartleaf Philodendron

Our Vision

Be a force for positive change. Plants bring joy inside and give people responsibility.

 Joy and responsibility are two things we believe the world needs more of.