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7 Surprising Benefits of Indoor Plants for Your Health

image of women with indoor umbrella plant

Greenlife is growing throughout Australia. More than two billion plants were sold in Australia in 2019-20. That number may surprise you. But indoor plants provide a lot more benefits than a nice green colour for the eye. How do house plants help with…

Indoor Plants: Trendy or Just a Trend?

image of dumb cane plant and various plants

Bringing plants into the home is nothing new. It is a practice that has been with us for millennia. But the reasons and motivations for doing so have changed down through the generations. In the early days, academic researchers claim…

Succulent Magic: Creative DIY Projects

image of various succulents

Given their wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colours, it’s no surprise that succulents have become wildly popular. And it makes them the perfect plant for creative do-it-yourself arrangements, to brighten and uplift your living space. Given just a…

The Magical and Medicinal Aloe Vera Plant

image of aloe Vera plant

The Aloe vera plant—a perennial succulent in the lily family—is one you’re likely already familiar with. It’s elegantly beautiful and super easy to care for, and for these reasons extremely popular as a house plant. You may also have heard…

Everything you need to know about the Fiddle Leaf Fig

image of fiddle leaf fig in pink room

Fiddle leaf fig plants are a dramatic addition to any household. Named for its broad, violin-shaped leaves, the fiddle leaf fig is the darling of home decor. Fiddle leaf fig plants are extraordinarily popular, with hashtags in over 100,000 Instagram…

10 Best Indoor Plants for People Who Like a Challenge

image of peacock plan with dark backgropund

Houseplants are surging in popularity, with millennials buying more and more of them. However, in many cases, owners struggle to keep their plants alive. That’s because few people are willing to put in the time and effort to maintain the meticulous routines and…

Do Indoor Plants REALLY Improve Our Health?

image of modern indoor plants

For those of us living in modern industrialised societies, the general trend has been to spend more and more time indoors: sitting in an office or cubicle behind a computer screen, or at home watching the telly or playing video…