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Small Birds of Paradise

$49.00 "inc. GST"

  • not pet friendly 
  • easy care
  • water 1-2 weeks
  • full or partial sun

Small Birds of Paradise

The birds of paradise is one of the most popular plants ever due to their unique beauty and their lovely leaves and flowers. Taking after their name, you’ll notice how a mature, flowering plant takes on an exotic bird appearance that is vibrant and delicate, making them wonderful for filling spaces or adding a strong dose of beauty into any room. The birds of paradise are fairly easy to care for and there are several colours that you can get for the indoor varieties.
Some of the birds of paradise most popular characteristics are:

  • Large, vibrant and dramatic flowers that are iconic and lovely
  • Easy to care for, they only require slightly more attention than standard plants
  • Comes in vibrant orange and white with the indoor varieties
  • Has a unique grouping formation that love amazing

A mature, flowering plant that takes on an exotic bird appearance that is vibrant and delicate, making them wonderful for filling spaces.
Once the plant blooms, you can keep it indoors or out on your outdoor deck. There are many ways to care for the plant; simply make sure to water them moderately and fertilize as needed.
The prized birds of paradise plant has been a staple in the garden for over 100 years. It has several uses for home and commercial gardens. Besides being beautiful and useful, the plants are also considered very beneficial to the soil and the environment. This can be accomplished by keeping the plants watered and fertilized. When they flower and change colour in late summer or early fall, they make an excellent accent plant in any landscape.In addition to that, they help with pest control and disease prevention because they like moldy soil. There is nothing more beautiful than a flower in bloom. They are the most beautiful flowers on earth and their presence makes every room in your home a treat for the eye.

small birds of paradise

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Caring for Your Plant

Sun: Thrives in full to partial sun
Water: Water every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry out between waterings
Difficulty: Easy Care
Pet Friendly: No