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Rippled Peperomia

$30.00 "inc. GST"

  • not pet friendly 
  • easy care
  • water every 1-2 weeks
  • indirect sunlight

With its unusual leaf structure it’s easy to see where Rippled Peperomia got its name. The heart shaped leaves are dark to emerald green in colour with grooved ridges which create a ripple effect on the surface. Rippled Peperomia is small plant growing to about 20cm in height and width. They look great on a windowsill or tabletop whether grouped with other plants or alone.
Rippled Peperomia is native to tropical Brazilian jungle. It is an epiphytic plant so in their natural environment, they grow on other trees and gets their nutrient from the air. As other trees cover them, they can’t tolerate direct sun light but they do require a bright spot to thrive. Rippled peperomias make excellent house plants as they do not require too much attention once you have the location sorted out.


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Caring for Your Plant

Sun: Thrive in low to medium, indirect sunlight
Water: Water the potted peperomia when the top 5 – 7.5 cm is dry
Difficulty: Easy Care
Pet Friendly: No