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Rattlesnake plant – Calathea Lancifolia

$40.00 "inc. GST"

  • pet friendly 
  • medium care
  • water weekly
  • indirect sunlight

Rattlesnake plant – Calathea Lancifolia

Rattlesnake plants have long, slender, pale green leaves shaped like a lance with dark green border and markings. The leaves have wavy edges which emphasises the marking and beauty of the leaves. It has purplish red on the undersides that are soft to the touch. The striking leaves with the vibrant colour grow in a bunch.
Native to the Brazilian rainforest, rattlesnake plant thrives in shady, moist and warm climates. The plant gets its name from the sand-coloured flowers it produces which looks like a rattlesnake’s tail. In its natural habitat, Rattlesnake plant blooms in late spring to early summer, though it’s not likely to bloom indoors. The main attraction of this plant is their gorgeous foliage. With their vibrant colour and distinct makings Rattlesnake plant would add texture and brighten up any interior.
image of Rattlesnake plant - Calathea Lancifolia

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Caring for Your Plant

Sun: Thrive in indirect light
Water: Evenly moist soil, but they don't like being waterlogged or too dry
Difficulty: Medium Care
Pet Friendly: Yes