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Zebra plant – Calathea


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Zebra plant – Calathea

Zebra plants have rich velvety green leaves with bold dark green zebra like stripes. Set it against all the other greenery in your house, and the Zebra Plant would stand out like a centrepiece. The incredibly luscious foliage of the Zebra Plant is very absorbent and reactive. Zebra Plants fold their leaves together at dusk and open them again in early morning hours to absorb sunlight. For this reason they are also known as Prayer Plants.

The leaves are velvety and the undersides are purple. The large leaves can be up to 40cm long. Keep this sensitive plant warm and moist especially during the summer.

They like bright conditions but hate direct sunlight so choose its location carefully. A little extra care is needed but the rewards are fabulous.

Native to Brazilian rainforests, the Zebra plant is found in forest areas shaded by trees without direct sunlight, so a bright spot without direct sunlight is perfect. With their compact growth habit Zebra Plants are a beautiful addition to a home and with the right care can grow up to a metre in size.The Zebra plant is ideal in a medium sized planter, it looks nice in a light or dark shade. This plant is perfect for your bedroom, living room, office, or even your bathroom. The exotic look is popular and adds a luxurious look to any room.

When deciding on indoor plants. consider the care needed.

The zebra plant can be challenging, but with the right care it will flourish. It will be a challenge, but worth the work.

If you want to keep them looking as impressive as the day you got it, you’ll have to keep your home at a constant temperature of around 70?F, no matter the season.

You’ll also need to regularly check the moisture of the soil, making sure that it’s retaining enough water. If it gets too dry, the leaves will start to droop. A humidity tray can help to maintain the right moisture levels. The soil and watering is the biggest challenge with this plant.

Image Of Zebra Plant - Calathea