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Peacock Plant – Calathea Makoyana


Calathea Orbifolia also known as peacock plant has large rounded oval-shaped leaves that curl around the edges.

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Peacock Plant – Calathea Makoyana

Calathea Orbifolia’s large rounded leaves have stripes of light green suggestive of a peacock’s tail. It is sometimes known as the Peacock plant but be careful not to confuse it with the Calathea Makoyana, also known as the Peacock plant, which has much stronger green feathery stripes. The undersides of the Calathea Orbofolia’s leaves are pale green.

A native of the Bolivian rainforest, this plant needs some special care. Keep the soil moist and reduce watering in the winter but don’t let it dry out. Rainforest-like humidity is essential so mist it regularly.

Protect the plant from direct sunlight. Simulate the rainforest with plenty, bright indirect light.

This plant is popular because it has beautiful bold and decorative marking of a peacock’s tail. This slender plant with the right care can reach a height of 60cm. Peacock plants are perfect to layer with next to a floor length plant or alone on a table top creating a dramatic effect in your interior.

The Peacock Plant requires the right level of moisture, light and humidity to flourish. It can be a little harder to care for as it needs evenly moist soil all the time. As the plant prefers medium to low indirect light, you can place this plant further away from the windowsill than others.

Watering is key, maintain moist soil and water once the surface of the soil starts to dry out. Make sure you allow for the water to fully drain from the spot. Try to maintain 16-24°C for best growth. Fertilizer, use liquid or water-soluble fertilizer made up at no more than half strength and apply every 2-4 weeks during the growing season. Humidity: >60% humidity. High humidity is important to keep your peacock plant healthy. Using a digital hygrometer to monitor humidity is a great idea.

Once you master the care of this plant, it will thrive. You can start with a medium planter, a ceramic option is popular and add a trendy rustic look. This is a great plant for a home office, kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Consider adding this to your plant collection.

Plants and pots are sold separately

Image Of Peacock Plant - Calathea Makoyana