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Yellow Umbrella Plant – Schefflera arboricola


Yellow Umbrella Plant

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Yellow Umbrella Plant

Native to the lush forests of Taiwan, the yellow umbrella plant, also known as gold capella, thrives amidst bright filtered light and moist conditions. Averaging eight meters tall in the wild but between 12 cms and three meters indoors, some strains of the umbrella plant can even be grown as bonsai trees.

While the plant will flower outdoors and does quite well as a landscaping plant in warm climates, the indoor version does not typically bloom. Leaves vary between seven and nine in number in a circular, palmate pattern and are broad and shiny with a thick, uniform texture. The plant’s central stems are sturdy and are sometimes braided together for a decorative effect. Animals and small children should be discouraged from ingesting the leaves, as they cause damage to the kidneys, digestive system and other organs.

With its light, leafy texture and bright, variegated yellow and green leaves, the Yellow Umbrella plant makes an attractive house plant on either a window sill or as a free-standing floor plant. Umbrella plants aren’t fussy and can withstand irregular watering, although they prefer moist conditions. They also don’t need regular fertilising and will do quite well in light that is bright but indirect.

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Image Of Yellow Umbrella Plant