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String of Pearls


The string of pearls is a truly unique plant that looks exactly like it sounds: like a mass of green pearls each connected to their own string.

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The String of Pearls

The string of pearls is a truly unique plant that looks exactly like it sounds: like a mass of green pearls each connected to their own string. As a part of the succulent family, these plants have an easy time growing in nearly any condition and they are made to survive and thrive with ease. From being an ideal plant for novice growers to having a lovely aesthetic, the string of pearls is one of the best indoor plants that you can choose from.

Some of the string of pearls defining characteristics are:

  • Very unusual bead-like leaves
  • Quick grower that will rapidly increase in size
  • Easy to care for, requires minimal care and attention
  • A natural survivor, has adapted to harsh environments

Let’s start with how the string of pearls looks. You’ll notice many green “strings” coming from the center of the plant that have numerous bead-like leaves growing on them. They look just like green pearls and each one has a dark green market that acts as a window to allow light to come into the light. This gives them a good amount of protection while also looking lovely.

Not only that, but the leaves are made to easily store water. This allows them to hold more than enough resources to stay alive even if the environment gets dry and water is inconsistent. This is very important in Africa, their native habitat, but it also helps them withstand the rigors of indoor growing. Their surface area also reduces their exposure to hot air and excessive sun, ensuring they stay properly cool and easily thrive in dry environments.

String of pearls grow their strings between other plants and rocks while in the wild. This gives them adequate protection, but it also shows how quickly these plants can grow. You can easily place these on a table, counter, mantle or hanging basket. You’ll see the strings rapidly grow, which ensures they can easily fill a whole area with beauty. Feel free to split the plant up to fill even more areas with this unusual greenery.

Despite their delicate appearance, string of pearls are hardy plants and they are easy to care for. While they can withstand some neglect here and there, it’s best to follow the instructions to ensure they grow properly. When it comes to light, string of pearls is fine with mostly indirect light and the occasional amount of direct sunlight. Just some natural light every now and then should be fine for them.

You should water this plant sparingly during the warmer seasons. Allow the soil to dry fully before watering it again. Allow the soil to dry even more during winter so that the plant can live throughout the season.

If you want a unique plant that is easy to grow, then the string of pearls might be right for you. The wonderful, bead-like leaves draw many people in because there are so few plants that look anything like this. If you want a plant that will certainly get some attention and that can add some beauty to any room, then consider getting a string of pearls.

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Image Of String Of Pearls In Hanging Basket