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Neon Pothos – Goldilocks


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Neon Pothos – Goldilocks

One look at the bright electrifying colour of Neon Pothos explains how the plant got it’s name. With their glowing neon green foliage, Neon Pothos is the most district variety of Pothos. Nothing could add a splash of colour like Neon Pothos to your interior. The best part is, this gorgeous plant has all the hardiness of Pothos plant, tough and reliable. One of our favourite easy care plant that any gardener, newbie to expert, would love in their home.

They are a fast growing plant with aerial roots, making them very versatile in the house. You can grow them in hanging baskets or trailing down a bookshelf or horizontally along a tabletop or a mantle. While the plant would survive in low light, to get the best colour it needs to be placed under bright indirect light.

Plants and pots are sold separately

Image Of Neon Pothos - Goldilocks