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Devil’s Ivy – Pothos

$59.00 "inc. GST"

  • not pet friendly 
  • easy care
  • water 1-2 weeks
  • full or partial sun

Devil’s Ivy – Pothos

Despite its nefarious title, the devil’s ivy is a much beloved house plant that can withstand nearly any condition and still live and thrive through them. Perhaps the ideal indoor plant for those who aren’t experienced or attentive growers, this ivy looks lovely while maintaining healthy leaves even with low light and irregular, inconsistent watering. In fact, this plant is harder to kill than it is to keep alive, making it unique among indoor plants.
While survivability might be the defining trait of the devil’s ivy, its most distinct aesthetic characteristic would be those iconic marbled green and yellow leaves. They mottled appearance gives their appearance a layer of complexity and attracts attention. Whether to fill a spare corner or even as a small statement piece, the devil’s ivy can fulfill numerous roles throughout your house. It’s also beloved by newcomers and experts alike for its many benefits.

Some of the most defining characteristics of devil’s ivy are:

  • Strong and hardy growth, even is less-than-ideal growing conditions
  • Marbled leaves that are distinctive and beautiful
  • Ability to climb and crawl anywhere, but also easy to control
  • Incredibly easy to take care of, unrivaled in this aspect

Plants and pots are sold separately
image of Devil's Ivy Pothos plant

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Caring for Your Plant

Sun: Thrive in a light spot, but preferably not in direct sunlight
Water: Water every week, only when the first two inches of soil are dry
Difficulty: Easy Care
Pet Friendly: No