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Calathea Misto

$59.00 "inc. GST"

  • not pet friendly 
  • easy care
  • water every 1-2 weeks
  • medium sunlight

Calathea Misto

When it comes to decorative house plants, Calathea varieties are one of the most popular house plants. They have a wide variety of colours, patterns and shapes to their leaves. While some varieties are easy to come by, Calathea Misto is a rare variety. This rare plant is popular for plant enthusiasts who are dedicated to following the care tips to help this plant thrive. 

With dark emerald green leaves, creamy feather like pattern in the middle and distinct purple underside, Calathea Misto would provide a splash of colour to any interior space. This plant is perfect for a home office, kitchen, bedroom or living room. This is a beautiful plant with intense colouring, but like most Calathea, it does require a bit of extra care.

Calathea Misto is rather less common than other Calathea varieties but it’s hard to see why. This is a popular plant, once you master the care plan, your plant will be healthy.  

Consider these care tips to help maintain a healthy plant. Keep it watered regularly over the summer months, keeping the soil moist, avoid letting the soil dry out. A little less watering in the winter is advisable but don’t let the soil get too dry in the winter months either. A little misting will be rewarded with healthy growth, consider misting the plant 2-3 times per week. 

Medium or even bright sunlight is fine but avoid direct sunlight.

Calathea misto is no exception to the rule of fertilizing indoor plants, add fertilizing to the soil only when they are growing. In the case of creating a fertilizing plan, this means monthly fertilization in the spring, summer, and fall is needed. One of the unique instructions for calathea is that you should dilute the basic fertilizer you use to feed it to half of the recommended strength. This rare plant is extra work but worth the time and dedication. Follow these important care tips and your plant will be healthy. 

We currently have Calathea Misto available in two pot sizes: small and medium.

image of calathea misto planrt

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Caring for Your Plant

Sun: Thrives in 8 to 10 hours of bright indirect light a day
Water: Water 1-2 times per week, soak the soil thoroughly each time you water and allow excess water to flow out of the drainage hole
Difficulty: Easy Care
Pet Friendly: No