String of Pearls

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Plant Description

This amazing trailing plant with a unique look has a fitting name. The plant has trailing stem like a string which cascades down with large round bead like green leaves attached to them. Each bead has a dark mark across it which is a window allowing the light to enter the leaf to produce food. 

String of pearls is native to southwest Africa. In the wild they grow strings between rocks and other plants which offer them some shielding from intense sunlight. It is a succulent plant and the round green pearls are where the plant store water. The leaf round shape allows the most water storage and reduce the surface area exposed to the hot sun and dry air, thus minimising the loss of water.

This is very easy care plant and despite its delicate appearance, this unusual plant is a fast grower and tolerate a bit of neglect. Currently we have large pot size of String of Pearls which can be divided into several pots or just hang it as one large hanging basket.

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Plant Specifications



Small 12.5cm pot, Medium 15cm pot, Large 20cm pot



Pet Friendly



Prefers bright indirect light with some direct sun light regularly.


Water sparingly and allowing the soil to dry out between watering. Reduce watering during the winter months.