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Anthurium in Metrolite Planter

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This stunning red Anthurium in a Metrolite egg planter is the perfect gift for any occasion. This fully grown Anthurium (height of... Read more

Color: Anthurium/Metrolite Black Planter

  • Anthurium/Metrolite Black Planter
  • Plant only
  • Anthurium/Metrolite Grey Planter
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This stunning red Anthurium in a Metrolite egg planter is the perfect gift for any occasion. This fully grown Anthurium (height of 40-45cm) would add a splash of colour and liven up any interior. The Metrolite Planter (D23cm x H23cm) comes in grey and black colour, and perfectly complements this beautiful plant.

More about the plant:

The Anthurium’s bright-red heart-shaped spathes and large ornamental leaves make it a popular p plant. In Greek, the name Anthurium means “tail-flower”—which refers to these elegant spathes emerging from the plant’s long stems.

When healthy, the Anthurium can grow to be up to 46 cm tall, and can bloom year-round, with flowers lasting up to eight weeks. The plant’s typical yearlycycles include three months or so of flowering, followed by a few months without flowers, and then three more months of flowering.

The Anthurium is also one of the plants cited in theU.S. NASA Clean Air Study, for its capacity to purify the air. This plant contributes health as well as beauty to any room that it adorns!




LIGHT Plants can tolerate all levels of indirect light, but anthuriums growing in low light will have fewer flowers and will grow slower. These plants cannot tolerate direct light however, as this can burn the leaves. They grow best in bright, indirect light
WATER Water requirements are very light. Anthuriums have big, fleshy roots that rot easily in waterlogged soil, so they really only need to be watered once a week or so
PET/BABY SAFE Safe to touch the plant, but chewing any part of the plant can result in burning of the mouth and lips
SIZE height: 40-45cm

Anthurium/Metrolite Black Planter, Plant only, Anthurium/Metrolite Grey Planter

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