The medium Rhapis excelsa (between 65-75cm tall) also known as lady palm is a beautiful palm with large fan shaped leaves and glossy, dark green fingerlike leaflets. They used to be the crème de la crème of indoor plants and have been popular indoor plants for 100s of years. It’s no surprise they are still super popular today and can be found around the world in hotel lobbies, office buildings or in airports. Lady palms are hardy, air-purifying indoor plants that are easy to look after. They are very versatile as they can tolerate full sun to complete shade, though the ideal conditions for the plant would be partly shaded area with morning or afternoon sun in a well drained moist soil. If the sun is too hot, like midday summer sun, it can burn the leaves. 

Lady palm can grow very tall, though they are slow growing. If grown in a pot the size of the plant is restricted by the growing conditions. In a larger pot with rich soil with plenty of water and light the plant can grow tall and bushy. In a small pot or poor soil, light and little water can result in stunted growth though it would still be an attractive plant.
Plants and pots are sold separately.

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