Devil’s Ivy - Pothos

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Despite its nefarious title, the devil’s ivy is a much beloved house plant that can withstand nearly any condition and still live and thrive through them. Perhaps the ideal indoor plant for those who aren’t experienced or...

Plant Description

Despite its nefarious title, the devil’s ivy is a much beloved house plant that can withstand nearly any condition and still live and thrive through them. Perhaps the ideal indoor plant for those who aren’t experienced or attentive growers, this ivy looks lovely while maintaining healthy leaves even with low light and irregular, inconsistent watering. In fact, this plant is harder to kill than it is to keep alive, making it unique among indoor plants.

While survivability might be the defining trait of the devil’s ivy, its most distinct aesthetic characteristic would be those iconic marbled green and yellow leaves. They mottled appearance gives their appearance a layer of complexity and attracts attention. Whether to fill a spare corner or even as a small statement piece, the devil’s ivy can fulfill numerous roles throughout your house. It’s also beloved by newcomers and experts alike for its many benefits.

Some of the most defining characteristics of devil’s ivy are:

  • Strong and hardy growth, even is less-than-ideal growing conditions
  • Marbled leaves that are distinctive and beautiful
  • Ability to climb and crawl anywhere, but also easy to control
  • Incredibly easy to take care of, unrivaled in this aspect

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Customer Reviews

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Neon Pothos - Goldilocks

Looks just like photo

Plant is great and the packaging was very well done!

Very happy customer

My plant arrived well packaged and very healthy. It has since grown several leaves. I’m very happy with it. I will be buying all my plants from Bloomspace in future!

Good size, healthy plant

No complaints, well packaged, healthy plant with quick delivery.

Quick delivery!

Great plant, easy to care for and very quick delivery.

Bright and healthy plant

Very happy with this plant. It arrived bright and healthy, and it looks fab in my bathroom.
Thank you.

Devils Ivy

My devil's Ivy arrived on time and is happy sitting on my shelf to be admired.

As nice as in the picture

Love it. It’s as nice as what’s in the picture. Not like the “string of pearls” I bought with this.

Sexy plant

Love this plant!
She so cute and grows heaps, thirsty af but
Would recommend xxxx
Also great customer service!!!!

Would buy again !

Great plant, received in healthy condition, and well packaged.
Communication and customer service outstanding .
Thank you Bloomspace.

Plant Guide
Like most other ivies, the devil’s ivy grows rapidly and has aerial roots that are versatile and cling to surrounding walls and objects. They can be placed in hanging baskets for upward growth, or in a small pot where the ivy can naturally grow and trail around a mantle or tabletop. While they can live in nearly any room, devil’s ivy does best in bathrooms. With the high humidity and spare water, this plant soaks it all up to grow faster and stronger than ever. Need some privacy? Devil’s ivy can grow around any overlooking area in your home, making a natural barrier against wandering eyes.

Native to the French Polynesian Moorea Island, devil’s ivy has naturally spread to tropical and sub-tropical forests around the world. You can find it in Northern Australia, Solomon Island and South East Asia. Known to grow up to 20 meters long in its natural habitat, you’ll often find that it will grow about 2 meters indoors. It can grow longer in the hands of an expert, but most owners will notice that plant only grows to 2 meters unless you are trying to make it grow more.

For those who want a strong, hardy plant that is surprisingly difficult to kill, devil’s ivy is an ideal indoor plant that anyone can grow and keep healthy. It lives through low light, infrequent watering and less than ideal temperatures. Not only that, but it does it all with grace and looks beautiful the whole time with those marbled leaves.

Whether you’re just looking to add some natural beauty to your home or you’re an expert and you want to utilise the devil ivy’s ability to cling and grow around objects, this is an amazing indoor plant that fulfills many purposes. You’ll fall in love with it and it will add some natural flair to any room you place it in.
Plant Specifications
Size Small: 12cm pot, Medium: 15cm pot
Difficulty Easy
Pet Friendly No,it can cause digestive distress
Light  The best lighting condition for Devil’s Ivy is indirect medium light. While the plant would be fine in low light, it slows down the growth
Water Water moderately in spring and summer and re-water only when the topsoil is dry. Keep it mostly dry in winter.