Birds of Paradise

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Extra large
Plant Description

The spectacular Birds of paradise also known as Strelitzia are well known for their large paddle- shaped leaves and definitely a favourite for indoor plant lovers. The leaves of Birds of paradise looks similar to a banana plant but unlike banana plant, the leaves of Birds of paradise grow straight from the soil. The upright leaves cluster together and sit on top of their stems, giving the plant a more dramatic yet delicate look. However, it's the flower of Birds of paradise that makes this plant so very special. The flamboyant and colourful flower of Birds of Paradise looks like the head of an exotic bird and that's where the plant gets it's name from. The flower stand above the green leaves and grow at the tip of the long stalk looking like birds sitting in a garden.

While Birds of Paradise is the queen of indoor plants, it is a popular choice for an outdoor garden and the perfect plant for a sunny balcony. Though only two species can be grown indoor, the Orange Birds of paradise and the White Birds of paradise.

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Plant Specifications
Size Small: 50cm to 60cm, Medium: 60cm to 70cm, Large: 70cm to 90cm, Extra large: Over 1m pot
Difficulty Easy
Pet Friendly No
Light  The plant requires bright indirect light including partial direct sunlight, especially morning or afternoon sun, to bloom well.
Water Water regularly to keep the soil moist in spring and summer, during the growing season, but allowing the top soil to dry out between waterings in winter.