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Boston Fern

Boston ferns are one of the most popular indoor ferns. They look beautiful hanging from a basket or sitting on a shelf.

Calima Basalt Eurocotta Planter & Saucer

Our Basalt Terracotta pots are modern and stylish and with their neutral tone would fit in with any interior.

Devil’s Ivy – Pothos

The devil’s ivy is a much beloved house plant with marbled leaves that are distinctive and beautiful. This is the perfect plant for your home or office.

Glazed Rippled Ceramic Bowl

Material: Ceramic Colours: Beige & Matt Black Size: Diameter X Height Extra Small: D14cm x H8cm Small: D19cm x H9cm Medium: D24cm x H11cm Large: D32cm x H13cm

Glazed Rippled Ceramic Pots – Squat Egg

Material: Ceramic   Colours: Beige & Matt black   Diameter: 34cm | 25cm | 19cm | 13cm   Height: 25cm | 19cm | 17cm | 13cm

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa is a unique indoor plant that has an architectural appearance and amazing leaves that you won’t find with most other indoor plants. This interesting greenery grows nice and tall and it can immediately fill any space in the room as needed. Not only that, but this plant is incredibly easy to grow and […]

Red Leaf Cordyline (Rubra)

If you are looking to add a splash of colour that's not green, look no further than the Red leaf Cordyline.

Rippled Peperomia

Rippled Peperomia is small plant growing to about 20cm in height and width. They look great on a windowsill or tabletop whether grouped with other plants or alone.

Round ceramic planter

The Round ceramic planter is a great fit for your new office or kitchen plant.

String of Pearls

The string of pearls is a truly unique plant that looks exactly like it sounds: like a mass of green pearls each connected to their own string.
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