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Chinese Fan Palm

The Chinese Fan Palm oversized leaves are lime green in colour and radiate from their own small stalks growing in every direction.

Devil’s Ivy – Pothos

The devil’s ivy is a much beloved house plant with marbled leaves that are distinctive and beautiful. This is the perfect plant for your home or office.

Ruffled Birds Nest Fern

Ruffled Bird's nest fern has beautiful bright and shiny lime green foliage with dramatic ruffled edges creating a striking affect.


The Sansevieria plant, also known as the snake plant or “mother-in-law's tongue” plant, this unique indoor greenery is a striking statement piece.

Spineless Yucca Plant

The Spineless Yucca is the perfect plant for novice indoor gardeners and will add greenery to your home. It also has air cleaning qualities that filter the air of toxins making it ideal for your living room or office.

Zanzibar Gem

If you’re a laid back or novice plant owner and don’t have much time to devote to your plants, then the Zanzibar gem might be the ideal indoor plant for you.

Black Magic Cordyline – Ti Plant

  With their amazingly colourful and vibrant foliage, Cordyline plants bring in a feel of tropics to any home. Black Magic Cordyline has broad strappy leaves which are striking green when new shoot starts then eventually matures to a dark purple to black colour. The leaves are arranged in a spiral with the green leaves on top of the plant surrounded by leaves which are a combination of green and dark purple as they are changing colours with bottom leaves having the darkest colour, almost black.   While the origin of Cordyline believed to be New Guinea and Southeast Asia, now can be found in many parts of Western Pacific Ocean region. Black Magic Cordyline is from Costa Rica and prefers a humid condition. The most important part to consider once you receive your Black Magic Cordyline is about selecting the right spot to place the plant. Black Magic Cordyline likes a sunny or bright spot with some shelter from the wind if placed in a balcony. Otherwise, they are an easy care indoor plants that can tolerate low level of water and even mild frost if placed in a balcony. With a bit of TLC, it will brighten up your home with its brilliant colour.
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