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Black & White Vintage Mini Cylinder

This beautifully design planter is perfect for small plants. The extra small pot would be perfect for a small Devils Ivy or a small Neon Pothos. Extra small size: D15cm x H13cm Small size: D18cm x H15cm

Calima Basalt Eurocotta Planter & Saucer

Our Basalt Terracotta pots are modern and stylish and with their neutral tone would fit in with any interior.

Camellia Vintage Squat Planter & Saucer

Our Camellia Vintage Squat Planter & Saucer is a popular vintage pot that can highlight your plants indoors or outdoors.

Camellia Vintage Tall Planter & Saucer

These artistically glazed premium clay planters with their vintage floral design provide an earthy glamour indoor or outdoor, not to mention it’s a fabulous way to display your greenery. The planters come with matching saucers.   Medium: 24cm x H29cm Large: D33cm x H36cm Extra Large: D45cm x H41cm

Contempo Olive Planter

The Contempo Olive Planter is the perfect luxury pot for your indoor or outdoor plant. The stone finish is a great addition to your modern design.

Design Lite Congo Planter

The Design Lite Congo Planter is a must have modern addition to any indoor plant in your home or office.

Design Lite Egg Planter

The Design Lite Egg Planter will go well with any modern home design.

Design Lite Straight Cylinder Planter

Design Lite Straight Cylinder Planter is a popular modern look to highlight your tall luxury indoor plants.

Glazed Ceramic Bavaria Pot

The Glazed Ceramic Bavaria Pot is perfect to highlight your favourite indoor plant.

Glazed Rippled Ceramic Bowl

Material: Ceramic Colours: Beige & Matt Black Size: Diameter X Height Extra Small: D14cm x H8cm Small: D19cm x H9cm Medium: D24cm x H11cm Large: D32cm x H13cm

Glazed Rippled Ceramic Pots – Squat Egg

Material: Ceramic   Colours: Beige & Matt black   Diameter: 34cm | 25cm | 19cm | 13cm   Height: 25cm | 19cm | 17cm | 13cm

Glazed Rippled Ceramic Tall Cylinder Planter

Glazed Rippled Ceramic Tall Cylinder Planter is perfect to showcase your favorite luxury indoor plant.

Metrolite Terrazzo Egg Planter

Durable and lightweight cement planters that add a raw finish to your beautiful indoor plants. Size guide: Small: D23cm x H23cm Medium: D29cm x H29cm Large: D37cm x H37cm metrolite-concrete-tall-egg-planter,design-lite-congo-planter,giant-alocasia

Milan Egg Planter

This stylish elegant planters are perfect for any interior. The pots come in 3 colours white, black and grey.   Size guide: Small: D22cm x H17cm Medium: D29cm x H22cm Large: D37cm x H29cm

Petal Blue Indoor Planter

Petal Blue Indoor Planter is a fun and bright. This planter is a vibrant way to showcase your greenery.

Portica Round Gold

This vintage pot is perfect to highlight trailing plants and succulents.

Round ceramic planter

The Round ceramic planter is a great fit for your new office or kitchen plant.

Rustic Cyan Planter

These Rustic Cyan Planters have the highly desirable rustic antique finish of the old world high fired clay. They are perfect to show off your greenery.

Rustic Vase Planter

Our Rustic Vase Planter is a popular option to add a pop of colour to any room. The traditional style and antique finish will show off your favorite plant.

Sahara Squat Indoor Planter

This unique and stylish pot is a match in any modern design.
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