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          Neon Pothos - Goldilocks

          One look at the bright electrifying colour of Neon Pothos explains how the plant got it's name. With their glowing neon green foliage, Neon Pothos is the most district variety of Pothos. Nothing could...

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          Calathea Misto

          When it comes to decorative house plants, Calathea varieties are one of the most popular house plants. They have a wide variety of colours, patterns and shapes to their leaves. While...

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          Glazed Rippled Ceramic Pots - Squat Egg

          Material: Ceramic Colours: Beige & Matt black Diameter: 34cm | 25cm | 19cm | 13cm Height: 25cm | 19cm | 17cm | 13cm

          Extra smallSmallMediumLargeMatt blackBeige
          $39.00 – $119.00 Select optionsSelect options

          Chinese Fan Palm

          With its huge fan shaped leaves, it's easy to see how the Chinese Fan Palm got its name. The oversize leaves are lime green in colour and radiate from their own small stalks...

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          Round ceramic planter

          The small ceramic pot perfectly complement our small plant range. They come in two colours to suit taste.


          Calathea Lancifolia 'Sport'

          Calathea Lancifolia 'Sport' is a variation to the Calathea Lancifolia also known as Rattlesnake plants. It has long, slender, vibrant green leaves shaped like a lance with dark green border and...

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