Silver Rabbit's Foot Fern

$35.00 – $60.00

Plant Description

This unusual plant has the most beautiful lacy green foliage which grow from their delightful furry rhizomes that creep over the top of the plant pot. The furry rhizomes look like a Rabbit's foot and that's how the plant got its cheeky name. As the rhizomes grow longer they take on a spider-like appearance.

The soft elegant green leaflets are a combination of dark green and light green creating a lush feathery green mounds on top of the rhizomes. Rhizomes are a type of plant stem which absorb moisture and nutrients as they crawl on top of the moist soil and starts new shoots. The rhizomes shouldn't be buried under the soil as it would encourage rot. 

Native to Pacific Island, specifically to Fiji, Rabbit's Foot Fern in its native environment grow on trees or within rock crevices taking moisture and nutrients from other sources such as air, rain, trees and other debris. Rabbit's foot fern are considered more resilient and less temperamental than many other ferns. They are a tropical plant and with the right care would provide vibrant colour to your home.

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Plant Specifications



Medium - 40 to 45cm high and 60-70cm wide


Easy - they like regular misting

Pet Friendly



Prefers bright indirect light and avoid direct sun light.


Water moderately and keep the soil moist in summer and spring but not soggy and reduce watering during the winter months. Due to their shallow roots, the plant loves regular misting.