Zanzibar Gem

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If you’re a laid back or novice plant owner and you really don’t have much time or attention to devote to your plants, then the Zanzibar gem might be the ideal indoor plant for you.

Extra Large
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Plant Description

If you’re a laid back or novice plant owner and you really don’t have much time or attention to devote to your plants, then the Zanzibar gem might be the ideal indoor plant for you. These plants can take lots of neglect and still look beautiful, plus their unique growing pattern makes them the perfect decoration no matter where you place them. It’s even resistant and immune to most pests that plague other indoor plants, making it a true survivor.

Some of the Zanzibar gem’s defining characteristics are:

  • Deep emerald green leaves that are shiny and waxy
  • Easy to tend, requires very little water and light
  • Beautiful growing arrangement, looks like you spend hours arranging the plant
  • Ideal for laid back owners who can’t give plants much attention

Plant Delivery & Shipping

Bloomspace delivers to NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT, and SA. Some large plants and orders can only be delivered to the Sydney Metro area.

For the Sydney Metro area we charge a flat fee of $18. For all other regions, we search a large database of shipping companies and show you the prices for each company. For Canberra, Brisbane, and Melbourne this cost is typically between $15 - $30. For country regions and/or large orders or large plants, the cost is typically between $30 -$45. Please reach out to us if you are shown an unrealistic cost.

We want to make sure you receive a happy and healthy plant. It will take us a couple of days to prepare the plant for the journey. For customers in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, and Melbourne, your plants should be delivered in 4-5 business days after the order has been marked fulfilled, while for customers in regional areas expect 5-7 business days. All plants are carefully packaged to ensure your plant arrives in perfect condition. Your plant will have been in darkness for a couple of days, so expect your plant's appearance to improve after a couple of days of light and fresh air.

Do the pots featured in the photographs come with the plants?

No, all plants come in a standard grower's pot like what you would get from a nursery.

Are your plants real?

YES! We only sell real living plants.

Do you really offer a money back guarantee?

YES! We stand by our plants 110%. If there's a mistake or something doesn't quite work out with an order , you have our word that we will do our best to fix it, we won't quibble, and if we can't fix it, we will return your money.

Are your plants and pots sent at the same time?

Typically not, it is safer for both of them to be sent separately. 



Customer Reviews

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Zanzibar Gem

I love the plant I received from Bloomspace. The quality and the size of the plant is superb. I love that I can get my plants delivered so I don't have to worry about how to carry them home.

Plant Guide

The Zanzibar gem is known for its thick, waxy leaves that shine in the light and look lovely. They are a deep emerald green, ensuring they receive lots of visual attention from anyone who sees them. The stems grow up directly from the ground and stand upright. Each stem is covered in numerous leaves, and they are perfectly constructed. It looks like an expertly made bouquet you spent hours on, but it’s just nature’s beauty.

This plant is ideal for laid back gardeners due to where it natively grows. Its natural habitat is in the arid and rocky terrain of Eastern and Southern Africa, or Tanzania and Kenya to be more specific. The tropical conditions here are harsh and brutal, and the plants must be hardy and ready for even the worst conditions. As such, this plant can withstand just about anything and still grow tall.

The Zanzibar gem does best with indirect light. No direct sunlight is required. You’ll find the plant survives and does well in low light, but it prefers medium or bright light for the best growing conditions. This largely depends on how much you want the plant to grow. If you’re happy with its size, then low light is fine. If you want it to grow and be healthier, then consider giving it some extra light. It’s all up to you as the plant will be fine either way.

Watering is dependent on how much light you are giving the plant. Watering in general should be doing sparingly and the plant is best when kept mostly dry with infrequent watering here and there. However, the bigger the plant and the more light it receives, the more water it will require as well. If you plan on giving it more light, then be prepared to water it more as a result. This might sound like a lot of work to some, but it’s still a very easy plant to tend.

So, if you’re looking for a plant that remains healthy in nearly any growing condition and looks beautiful, like a lovely bouquet of emerald green leaves, then the Zanzibar gem might be the right plant for you. It’s an amazing statement piece that will fit on any table, mantle or other small area in your room. It doesn’t require much space, but it gives any room added complexity and texture.

Plant Specifications
Size Small 35-45cm, Medium: 55-65, Large: 65-75cm, Extra large over 75cm
Difficulty Easy
Pet Friendly No. It can cause digestive distress
Light  Indirect light only, no direct sunlight. While the plant would survive in low light, it prefers medium to bright indirect light to thrive and flourish
Water Water sparingly and keep mostly dry. However watering is also depends on the level of light exposure – more light would mean more frequent watering.