Fiddle Leaf Fig

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The fiddle leaf fig is the perfect statement piece for any room or office as it naturally attracts the eye and looks immensely beautiful. These plants are known for their naturally large, violin-shaped leaves that grow in dramatic directions....

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Plant Description

The fiddle leaf fig is the perfect statement piece for any room or office as it naturally attracts the eye and looks immensely beautiful. These plants are known for their naturally large, violin-shaped leaves that grow in dramatic directions. With densely packed leaves, this plant will certainly fill its space with attractive greenery. Each leaf has a leathery feel that reflects a fair amount of light.

While they grow slowly, fiddle leaf figs are gentle giants that can reach up to 3 meters in height. Loop the top branches once the plant has reached the desired height to stunt further upward growth. This plant deserves a spot near doorways, in hallways or near any featured part of the room to draw the most attention.

This is one of the “it” plants in interior decorating, able to transform empty space into a dramatic corner and able to quickly make an impact regardless of the viewer. With a sculptural quality that is difficult to find in other indoor plants, the fiddle leaf fig leaves a strong impression and can be used nearly anywhere.

Some of the benefits of the fiddle leaf fig are:

  • Highly sculptural and well-defined leaves
  • Beautiful statement piece that works in any room
  • Grow tall enough to fill a corner
  • Require no outdoor light

Native to the rainforests of Western Africa, the fiddle leaf fig requires a little more attention than your standard indoor plant, but not that much more. They are sensitive to lighting conditions and require more light than some other plants, so make sure they get enough light to encourage proper health. They also hate cold and dry conditions, so be sure to properly hydrate them and keep the room warm enough for them. Despite the extra attention, you certainly don’t need to be an experienced gardener to care for a fiddle leaf fig. You just need to make sure the plant has enough light, water and warmth, and that should be easy enough.

When it comes to light, they need indirect bright light and no sunlight. In fact, too much sunlight can be harmful. Just a bright ceiling or lamp light should be fine. They can withstand morning and afternoon sun exposure, but midday sun can be too harsh. Use water sparingly and allow the top 4-5 cms of topsoil to dry before adding more water. During the winter, allow more topsoil to dry before watering.

Newer fiddle leaf fig owners sometimes fret when the lower leaves die and fall from the plant, but this is natural and good for the plant’s overall growth. The lower leaves will fall off when there is new growth. This allows the plant to distribute more nutrients towards the newer leaves so they can grow quickly. You should only be worried if you see leaves from the middle or top dying.

If you want a dramatic plant that truly takes your breath away and can be used as an organic statement piece, then the fiddle leaf fig is right for you. They require a little more attention that a standard indoor plant, but they’re easy to care for once you understand the rules. Get one today and you’ll see how much of a difference they make.

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Additional Information

Small, Medium, Large, Extra large

Plant Specifications
Size Small: 45cm-55cm; Medium:55-70cm; Large:70cm-1m; Extra large: over 1m
Difficulty Difficult
Pet Friendly No. It can cause digestive distress
Light  The plant requires indirect bright light without direct sunlight. Though it can tolerate morning and afternoon sun though not midday sun.
Water Water sparingly and keep mostly dry, allowing the 2 inch of topsoil to dry out before watering. In winter months, reduce watering by letting the topsoil to dry out for longer