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Monstera deliciosa is a unique indoor plant that has an architectural appearance and amazing leaves that you won’t find with most other indoor plants.

Plant Description

Monstera deliciosa is a unique indoor plant that has an architectural appearance and amazing leaves that you won’t find with most other indoor plants. This interesting greenery grows nice and tall and it can immediately fill any space in the room as needed. Not only that, but this plant is incredibly easy to grow and handle, meaning that anyone can easily keep this plant alive without much trouble.

Some of the defining characteristics of monstera deliciosa are:

  • Unique, beautiful leaves that grow large and have a wonderful design
  • Easy to grow and care for, even if you’re a novice
  • Quickly grows and climbs, so make sure it has enough room
  • Works well in any space and adds beauty wherever you put it

Plants and pots are sold separately 


Plant Delivery & Shipping

Bloomspace delivers to NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT, and SA. Some extra large plants and orders can only be delivered to the Sydney Metro area. All plants are carefully packed with custom packaging techniques to ensure your plant arrives in perfect condition. We have negotiated heavily discounted shipping rates with several courier services. Please select your preferred shipping company and option at the checkout page.

The majority of our orders (if ordered on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) are received in 1-2 days for all capital cities. We do not send plants on Thursday and Friday, to ensure the plants aren't sitting in a box unnecessarily. Please get in touch with us if you are in Sydney and require urgent delivery later in the week, as this can be arranged upon request.

Do the pots featured in the photographs come with the plants?

No, not all of them. The majority of our plants come in a standard grower's pot like what you would get from a nursery. Any plant that comes with a matching pot will have "with planter" in the product title and description. 

Are your plants real?

YES! We only sell real living plants.

Do you really offer a money back guarantee?

YES! We stand by our plants 100%. If there's a mistake or something doesn't quite work out with an order, we will do our best to fix it, we won't quibble, and if we can't fix it, we will return your money. If there's any thing wrong with the plant or pot upon delivery, take some pictures once you receive it, send them through to, and we'll sort it in no time!

Are your plants and pots sent at the same time?

This can vary depending on the size of the plant and pot, and where you are located. It is always safer for both of them to be sent separately, so that is our preference unless the order is close to Sydney Metro area.


Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews

Monstera Deliciosa

Healthy looking plant

The plant looks healthy. The delivery time was reasonable. However, a little expensive compared to other plant nursery.

Review of Monsteria

The plant was one of three. ordered from Sydney to Melbourne The first plant arrived in approx 3 days after the order and all was fine. The other 2 plants did not arrive, and I was told by the courier that another courier would deliver them. Upon making enquires I found out that the other two boxes were still in Sydney (in boxes - with no climate control) at this point I had requested that the other two plants be cancelled as they did not arrive in the allotted time. To my surprise the plant arrived 2 weeks later. It was in very bad shape. The plant was dry, and when taken out of the box - the leaves burned in light sun because they were not used to any daylight at all. I am slowly nursing it back to health but it looks awful and will not look healthy for a long time. The planter was the wrong colour as well. Your courier should be fired. Also, the cost of the plants is not good value for money - I have since found plants 3 times the size at bunnings for the same price. And I don't have to worry about them being left in boxes with couriers either.

Zanzibar gem

Lovely plant. Just the delivery service left it lying down despite stickers saying upright. Dirt everywhere!

Beautiful and healthy plant!

very beautiful and healthy plant, it has been growing strong at our home! it's just perfect!


Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Beautiful healthy plant

I had this plant delivered to Adelaide from Sydney for a friend’s birthday so I’ve only seen a photo but my friend was delighted with the fiddle leaf fig, it looked beautiful and was very well packed for transport.

Excellent service, Beautiful fiddle leaf Fig

Nice ~


Thank you for a trouble free purchase. The plant arrived in perfect condition and exactly as advertised.


Love my new plant baby! And think she loves her new home! This is my second purchase from bloomspace and I couldn’t recommend them any more!

Plant Guide

The very first thing everyone notices about monstera deliciosa is how the leaves look. You’ll find the leaves grow very large and have a cut-out appearance with attractive holes here and there throughout the leaf. Each one is different, giving you a special design that won’t be replicated. The majority of these plants have a dozen or less leaves, but with their size and beauty, that’s the perfect amount. In fact, a mature plant will often feature leaves around 90cm long and 75cm wide, which is huge.

You might be wondering why these plants have these leaves, and there is actually a reason for it. It’s believed that this design allows the leaves to better withstand strong winds and heavy rainfalls. That might seem weird for an indoor environment, but it makes a lot of sense in their native habitat: the tropical forests in Southern Mexico.

Despite their huge size, monstera deliciosa are famous for growing quickly and adapting to nearly any growing conditions. They work well with little water or light, but they do best if you give them enough resources. This will ensure their best growth while also keeping them as healthy as possible. Don’t worry, even inexperienced owners can easily keep these plants alive.

Monstera deliciosa does best with medium to bright light from an indirect source, like a lamp or just being near an open window. You don’t have to do too much, just make sure they get some light so that they can properly get nutrients. When it comes to water, they need a moderate amount that differs slightly throughout the year. During the summer, keep the soil fairly moist and don’t let it dry out. During the winter and colder months, allow the soil to dry before watering it again. That’s it, anyone can follow these rules with ease.

These plants are climbers and will need adequate space to flourish and grow. You’ll find that they tend to have aerial roots that poke out from the soil. This makes it easier for them to collect water and light while also stabilizing them. However, you can easily tuck them under the soil without any harm as long as you are careful.

If you want a dramatic plant that easily fills the room with grace and beauty, or if you just want a large plant that is easy to care for that still looks amazing, then monstera deliciosa is right for you. You’ll absolutely adore how it looks, and it adds so much to the room.

Plant Specifications
Size Small 45-55cm, Medium: 55-65cm, Large: 65-75cm
Difficulty Easy
Pet Friendly No. It can cause digestive distress
Light  Prefers medium to bright indirect light.
Water Moderately, keeping the soil moist in summer and letting the soil dry out in winter between watering