Birds of Paradise

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The birds of paradise is one of the most popular plants ever due to their unique beauty and their lovely leaves and flowers. Taking after their name, you’ll notice how a mature, flowering plant takes on an...

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Plant Description

The birds of paradise is one of the most popular plants ever due to their unique beauty and their lovely leaves and flowers. Taking after their name, you’ll notice how a mature, flowering plant takes on an exotic bird appearance that is vibrant and delicate, making them wonderful for filling spaces or adding a strong dose of beauty into any room. They are fairly easy to care for and there are several colors that you can get for the indoor varieties.

Some of the birds of paradise most popular characteristics are:

  • Large, vibrant and dramatic flowers that are iconic and lovely
  • Easy to care for, they only require slightly more attention than standard plants
  • Comes in vibrant orange and white with the indoor varieties
  • Has a unique grouping formation that love amazing

Plant Delivery & Shipping

Bloomspace delivers to NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT, and SA. Some extra large plants and orders can only be delivered to the Sydney Metro area. All plants are carefully packed with custom packaging techniques to ensure your plant arrives in perfect condition. We have negotiated heavily discounted shipping rates with several courier services. Please select your preferred shipping company and option at the checkout page.

The majority of our orders (if ordered on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) are received in 1-2 days for all capital cities. We do not send plants on Thursday and Friday, to ensure the plants aren't sitting in a box unnecessarily. Please get in touch with us if you are in Sydney and require urgent delivery later in the week, as this can be arranged upon request.

Do the pots featured in the photographs come with the plants?

No, not all of them. The majority of our plants come in a standard grower's pot like what you would get from a nursery. Any plant that comes with a matching pot will have "with planter" in the product title and description. 

Are your plants real?

YES! We only sell real living plants.

Do you really offer a money back guarantee?

YES! We stand by our plants 100%. If there's a mistake or something doesn't quite work out with an order, we will do our best to fix it, we won't quibble, and if we can't fix it, we will return your money. If there's any thing wrong with the plant or pot upon delivery, take some pictures once you receive it, send them through to, and we'll sort it in no time!

Are your plants and pots sent at the same time?

This can vary depending on the size of the plant and pot, and where you are located. It is always safer for both of them to be sent separately, so that is our preference unless the order is close to Sydney Metro area.


Customer Reviews

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Thank you for a trouble free purchase. The plant arrived in perfect condition and exactly as advertised.


Love my new plant baby! And think she loves her new home! This is my second purchase from bloomspace and I couldn’t recommend them any more!


Beautiful condition - easily delivered and boxes cut up nicely for recycling.


Very happy, great communication and delivery as requested timingwise (it was for a gift). Arrived in perfect condition, very well packaged. Can’t wait to see it grow!


medium size bird of paradise
delivered to my door step in a safe and neat package
delivered fast and kept updated on delivery process

Bigger and more beautiful than expected

The rubber plant we received was even more beautiful that I imagined. The leaves are stunning and large the height is unreal and the way it was packaged and speed of the delivery amazing. Can’t wait to add some more bigger beauties to our home.

Arrived in good condition, despite size

It's a great plant, and is settling in well, a great addition to our indoor space.

Visually interesting

The variation in the leaves makes this rubber plant stand out visually in a good way. It's settling in well and a great addition to our indoor space.

Settling in well

We ordered three of these and they all arrived in good condition and are settling in well - they are a great addition to our indoor space.

Great service

Service was great and easy from the start. My plant was delivered in a great condition and is still doing beautifully!

Plant Guide

One thing that more knowledgeable plant owners might notice is that birds of paradise tends to look like a banana plant. It’s in the leaves. Both of them have large, paddle-shaped leaves that are truly spectacular. The major difference is that birds of paradise grow straight from the soil. You’ll also notice that the birds of paradise’s leaves grow together in a cluster, tightly grouped together and giving you a dramatic look that adds to any room.

However, what is most breathtaking is the birds of paradise flower. Their flowers are very colorful and flamboyant, growing up from the leaves. They look just like an exotic bird’s head and they are on a long stalk, giving them a wonderful aesthetic that no other plant can replicate. They appear tropical and lovely with a vibrant beauty.

While the birds of paradise plant comes in many different colors, the vast majority of indoor varieties contain white or orange flowers, but don’t worry. Regardless of which you get, the plants are both very beautiful and grow well indoors.

You might expect such a beautiful plant to be difficult to care for, but it’s actually quite easy. You’ll need to give them slightly more attention than other plants, like devil’s ivy that is almost impossible to kill, but not that much more. They do best with bright indirect light and partial direct sunlight during the morning and afternoon. This light exposure allows them to flower at their best.

Watering is pretty similar. During the warmer months of spring and summer, make sure to keep the soil nice and moist. During the winter, you can let the soil dry a little before watering the birds of paradise. That’s all there is to it. Even novice growers can easily do this.

Birds of paradise are absolutely stunning and give you a unique and colorful aesthetic that works in any room. While they need some direct sunlight, you should be able to get enough by just leaving the plant near a window, aside from that you can easily place them anywhere in the room. If you want a dramatic plant that is vibrant and breathtaking, then the birds of paradise is right for you.

Plant Specifications
Size Small: 50cm to 60cm, Medium: 60cm to 70cm, Large: 70cm to 90cm, Extra large: Over 1m pot
Difficulty Easy
Pet Friendly No
Light  The plant requires bright indirect light including partial direct sunlight, especially morning or afternoon sun, to bloom well.
Water Water regularly to keep the soil moist in spring and summer, during the growing season, but allowing the top soil to dry out between waterings in winter.