Alocasia Morocco - African Mask Plant


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Plant Description

If you are looking for a unique and exotic house plant, then you can't look past the Elephant ear plant known as Alocasia Morocco. Currently we have large size of these rare plants which currently stand at 70cm high.

These Elephant ears' dark green leaves have light green silvery veins which resemble the hand carved ceremonial masks found in Africa, as such these plants are also known as African Mask Plants. The decorative leaves are much larger in size compare to it's delicate pink stems. 

Alocasia Morocco is a fast growing plant which would give you an abundance of leaves. When a new leaf emerges on the plant, it's rolled up like a thick stalk and you can only see the glossy burgundy red underside with silvery veins. As the leaf opens up you start to see the light green colour inside which turns darker as the leaf matures. This is truly a stunning plant, though the plant can be a bit difficult to look after as they don't tolerate cold temperature well. However with the right care Alocasia Morocco would provide you with an abundance of beauty, with their dramatic colourings and markings Alocasia Morocco would stand out in any interior.

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Plant Specifications


Gift Range Small - 20-30cm tall 



Pet Friendly



Bright to medium indirect light. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves.


Water moderately and ensure the soil is kept moist. Reduce watering in winter. The plant also likes occasional misting.