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image of white bedroom with medium and large indoor plants

The Calmest Bedroom Plants for Helping You Sleep Well

Have you tried every single method to get some rest but still wake up tired? Move over meditation! Here is the latest sleep solution – bedroom plants. Indoor plants can offer a tranquil, relaxing home environment in any room of the house. Their air-purifying qualities, relaxing scents and easy maintenance make them excellent sleep aids.

Scientific studies have shown that plants can improve sleep quality. Spending fifteen minutes with a plant can help reduce levels of cortisol – a stress hormone. You can do this by doing a walking meditation from plant to plant as you water them.

Studies also suggest that humans spend one-third of their lives asleep. So, why not make the most of that time and get some good quality rest?
This guide will show you how to boost your mood and get a deep sleep with low-maintenance bedroom plants.

To help you get a better night’s sleep here are the best plants for bedroom air quality.

Boston Fern

The Boston fern is one of the most efficient air purifying indoor plants. Also known as the sword fern – it is an excellent first choice when selecting a plant for your bedroom. With cascading leaves and vibrant colours, you will feel more relaxed with a Boston fern in your room.

Boston ferns do need a little TLC. They need a warm, humid environment and very little direct sunlight. Spray your fern with water to keep the soil moist. You don’t have to worry about where it is placed because Boston ferns are non-toxic to children and pets.

This particular fern is one of the easiest to care for and is an excellent choice for a first-time buyer. It’s easy to place a Boston fern in your bedroom because there are so many different display options. From a hanging basket to sitting on a stylish pedestal, you can choose what works best for you.

Snake Plant

The Sansevieria – also known as the ‘snake plant’ – is a unique and striking plant. Not only is this plant easy on the eyes but it doesn’t need much attention.

It is easy to replace floral arrangements in your home with a plant such as a snake plant. Besides its beauty, it also promotes better bedroom oxygen at night. This makes it excellent for air purification (which is essential for a night of deep sleep).

The snake plant is very a low-maintenance plant. It originates from the deserts of Africa and is a member of the lily species. It does not need much water which makes it almost impossible to kill. This is good news if you are a serial plant murderer like many of us out there.

Its drought-hardy temperament means it only needs water every 2-3 weeks. The snake plant absorbs toxins through its leaves and converts carbon dioxide to oxygen at night.
The resilient properties of the snake plant make it the ideal choice for a first-time plant buyer.

Peace Lily

The peace lily (or spathiphyllum) is an elegant plant that will fit right in with any style of bedroom decor. The exquisite white flowers resemble a flag of surrender and represent peace. This vibrant perennial is the perfect addition to your bedroom plant collection.

Native to tropical regions of Southeast Asia and the Americas, it can tolerate dry soil. The peace lily helps to purify the air in your room at night. It also removes harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. This will increase bedroom oxygen at night.

The peace lily is one of the best plants for bedroom air quality. The peace lily has even featured in NASA’s study of air purification. Improving your bedroom air quality can help a lot with allergies and sore throats.

The leaves are harmful if ingested so it’s important to keep your peace lily away from pets and children. You only need to water your peace lily once a week. This plant is a symbol of tranquillity and peace. It’s perfect for creating a calm bedroom environment and promoting deep sleep.

Devil’s Ivy

The devil’s ivy is a wonderful house plant that can thrive in almost all home environments. Contrary to its name, this beautiful plant is a popular addition to any home. Devil’s ivy is very distinctive with stunning arrow-shaped, marbled leaves. This house plant will bring a sense of calm to your bedroom atmosphere.

Alongside other house plants, devil’s ivy is also an air-purifying plant. This can aid sleep by removing harmful pollutants from the air at night.When in the wild, devil’s ivy will climb surrounding objects and sometimes grows up to 66ft tall! Lucky for us, when planted in a pot this won’t happen, so you don’t have to worry about your bedroom looking like a jungle. If you are after the jungle look, however, our totem pole Devil’s Ivy will do the trick.

You can enjoy devil’s ivy and its winding vines each night before bed. It will certainly become a welcome addition to your bedroom environment.

Discover the Best Bedroom Plants

Now you know how to create a zen bedtime sanctuary in your bedroom using indoor plants. Whether you are a green-fingered gardener or a first-time plant buyer, it’s never been easier to buy bedroom plants. Now you can get the perfect bedroom plant collection to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Bloomspace offers a range of indoor plants for bedroom air quality. We have exceptional indoor plants for your bedroom, living room, balcony, and office.

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