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Succulents Native To Australia

Image of indoor plant and wall art.

The Camels Of The Plant World Succulents are sometimes referred to as the camels of the plant world. The reason for this nickname is, of course, because of the ability succulents have to store large amounts of water in their…

Succulent Basics: How to Care for Your Succulent

image of women working with various succulents.

One of the best things about succulents is how incredibly resilient and low-maintenance they are. That said, there are some basic guidelines that you’ll need to follow in order for them to truly thrive. Your new succulent will probably come with…

A Beginner’s Guide to Succulents – Part 1

image of succulents on table

If you’re in the market for houseplants that are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely easy to care for, then succulents are a great choice. The wide variety of succulent types offer an inspiring range of shapes, colours, and sizes—pretty much…