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image of large fiddle leaf fig plant

Popular Large Plants to Grow in Australia

Popular Large Plants to Grow in Australia

Do you want to take your home décor to the next level? Upgrading your interiors such as furniture, tables, bookshelf, among others, can be pricey. But you can opt for a cheaper and easier way to spruce your home décor.

With indoor plants, they will offer you the most compatible lifestyle in your living space. But before starting beautifying your home, you need to know the popular large indoor plants you can consider. Read on to learn more.

Sabre Fig

Are you looking for large indoor plants that will give a fine impression in your space? Sabre fig is suited for that. It has long, thin leaves that resonate with the Australian nativity, a tough, robust nature.

Sabre fig popularity is overwhelming due to its suitability as an indoor plant. It is graceful, delicate, and elegant with branching that easily blends perfectly with light, airy and fresh interiors.

You need to water the plant once its potting feels dry or light. You can water this plant easily by sitting it in a bath and allowing excess water to drain.



Rubber Tree

This plant has robust glossy leaves that can get big and nice.

The rubber plant is a choice for the indoor plant you should consider because it is easy to grow. All it needs is natural light, moisture, and fertilizer, and the plant will thrive indoors.

However, the leaves will drop under unsuitable conditions such as low light. Thus, you should place this plant in a location with bright indirect light. You will also need to keep the soil moist and avoid overwatering.

To add pattern and texture, you can consider variegated specimens such as Tineke and Lemon-lime.

Macho Fern

Do you want a large indoor plant with broad fronds that grow outwards?

Macho fern is one of the easiest ways to grow an indoor plant. It grows in low, medium, or sunny spots. However, you should protect your plant from direct sunlight.

It would be best if you always watered your Macho fern enough to keep the potting mix moist but not wet or soggy. If necessary, you can also add fertilizer, especially during spring and summer, but remember to follow instructions.

You can also consider pruning to remove old fronds that usually turn brown. Growing Macho fern indoors is a great plant that will keep indoor air clean.

Giant Bird Of Paradise

If you want to bring jungle vibes into your home, consider this plant.

It is gorgeous and glossy with its incredible paddle-shaped leaves. It will thrive in bright light and handle full sunlight, giving it a spectacular bloom.

It is usually considered the indoor queen; it will add a rich tropical flair to your space with its glossy banana-shaped leaves. It will also adapt to a wide range of the light spectrum, including low, indirect, and sunny spots.

Olive Tree

Though commonly considered an outdoor tree, it can also be an impressive indoor plant in spots that receive direct light from the sun.

You can also consider this plant for large indoor spaces; however, you will need to rotate the plant regularly to grow even as it naturally tends o grow toward the light source.

Since these plants grow big in large indoor spaces, opt for dwarf varieties species if the space is limited. Well-drained soil will also be essential for the potted olive plant. Additionally, the pot should have drainage holes to allow water to flow freely.

Swiss Cheese Plant

Do you want to grow monstera deliciosa? It is one of the most fabulous large indoor plants.

This plant grows nice to give you indoors a green beauty. However, you should ensure adequate room for it to stretch out.

The plant requires optimal conditions that include; indirect light, good water, and a dry top layer of soil to thrive. However, you will need to support the plant as it grows. Additionally, it would help if you kept the leaves gorgeous and dust-free.

Kentia Palm

This is also another pretty large indoor plant you can consider.

It grows slowly and requires nurturing. But it will reward you with beautiful sculptural foliage that will make the best impression on your indoor space.

However, you need to be patient with Kentia, and it will be your favourite indoor plant.

Kentia Palm does not require re-potting or moving from one vessel to another. Also, ensure the soil is well-drained to prevent root rot, bright and indirect sunlight. But still, the plant is tolerant to lower light conditions.


Also known as an umbrella plant, it is a hardy beauty that grows into a beautiful indoor tree.

It is a plant that you will easily grow; it is problem-free. However, the plant requires bright indirect light and well-drained soil to thrive.

Schefflera will indeed provide you with a variety of colour options that can add a nice pattern to your indoors.

Choose The Most Popular Large Indoor Plants To Grow In Australi

The choices of large indoor plants you can consider are unending. But one thing is for sure; they are the easiest way you can upgrade your home décor and vibe. If you are unsure how to go about it, seek the help of plant experts on how to add gorgeous greenery to your indoor space.

Here at Bloomspace, we offer the best experience for purchasing and shipping indoor plants. We are dedicated to improving your room condition by providing you with all varieties of home plant-based beauty products.


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