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Cupid Peperomia (variegated)


Cupid peperomia is a trailing plant with gorgeous heart shaped leaves. The thick glossy leaves are light green with creamy white edges. Around the stem joints and where the leaves meet the stem it’s light pink in colour making the plant look delicate. Don’t let the delicate look put you off as Cupid Peperomia is actually a hardy plant and easy to look after. You can grow them in hanging baskets or horizontally along a tabletop or a mantle.
Cupid Peperomia is native to the tropics of Mexico, the Caribbean and other parts of Central America. In its natural environment Cupid Peperomia generally grows in dappled shade, hanging off tall trees. It has a shallow root system and stores water in its leaves and stems. While the mature leaves are green with creamy and sometimes pale yellow border, when new leaves appear, sometime they can be entirely cream in colour and the green colour develops as they mature. Cupid Peperomias are fast growing plants which can quickly fill out the hanging pot and trail off the side.

Other name:

Peperomia Scandens, Peperomia also known as Radiator Plant

Botanical name:

Peperomia Nitida




Prefers medium to bright indirect light but no direct sunlight. It can tolerate low light though it would slow down growth and the leaves may turn green without the cream border.


Moderate to sparingly in summer allowing the topsoil to dry out before watering again. Reduce watering in winter and allowing the topsoil to dry out for a bit longer.


Cupid Peperomia doesn’t require much fertilisers. A liquid fertiliser once a month during spring and summer is sufficient.

Pet Friendly


Common Mistakes:

The most common mistakes with this plant tend to be overwatering, causing the leaves to blister or both stem and leaves to turn black. If the temperature is too cold the leaves could fall off.

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