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Cupid Peperomia (variegated)

image of kitchen and various indoor plants

Description: Cupid peperomia is a trailing plant with gorgeous heart shaped leaves. The thick glossy leaves are light green with creamy white edges. Around the stem joints and where the leaves meet the stem it’s light pink in colour making…


Description With its striking patterned vertical leaves Sansevieria Plant is unique in its shape. The thick leathery leaves, which can reach over a meter, look almost artificial and great for adding texture to any interior. Sansevieria Plants are native to…

Rippled Peperomia

image of rippled peperomia

Description: With it’s unusual leaf structure it’s easy to see where Rippled Peperomia got its name. The heart shaped leaves are dark to emerald green in colour with grooved ridges which creates a ripple effect on the surface. Rippled Peperomia…

10 Best Indoor Plants for People Who Like a Challenge

image of peacock plan with dark backgropund

Houseplants are surging in popularity, with millennials buying more and more of them. However, in many cases, owners struggle to keep their plants alive. That’s because few people are willing to put in the time and effort to maintain the meticulous routines and…