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Do Indoor Plants REALLY Improve Our Health?

image of modern indoor plants

For those of us living in modern industrialised societies, the general trend has been to spend more and more time indoors: sitting in an office or cubicle behind a computer screen, or at home watching the telly or playing video…


image of croton plant in white planter

CrotonCommon name: CrotonBotanical name: Codiaeum variegatumDifficulty level: Easy to Moderate. Crotons are resilient plants that can thrive in almost any indoor environment. They can, however, be a tad temperamental if moved around frequently.Croton – General DescriptionCrotons are tropical shrubs that feature stunningly beautiful…

Peace Lily

Guide to the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) Common name: Peace Lily Botanical name: Spathiphyllum Difficulty level: Easy. The Peace Lily is a resilient, adaptable, low-maintenance and easy-to-care-for house plant. Peace Lily – General Description The Peace Lily is a gracefully vibrant and elegant perennial…

Measuring Moisture in the Soil

image of women watering plants

The Importance of Measuring Moisture in the Soil Growing up in a house with a big backyard and lots of big trees, flower and veggie gardens I have watched my parents obsess over their garden. So when I moved out I…

Devil’s Ivy

image of Devil's Ivy Pothos plant

Description If you are looking for easy care indoor plant that’s difficult to kill, look no further than the Devil’s Ivy. This trailing plant with its distinctly green and gold marbled leaves is a hardy houseplant that tolerates a wide…