Office Plants That Will Thrive in Your Workspace

In today’s high-pressure and fast-paced office, it pays to do what you can to make your work environment less stressful. Did you know that the presence of indoor plants has been found to improve employee performance in areas of productivity, reaction time, alertness, attendance, and job satisfaction?

It appears having an office plant around has more benefits than just a pretty decoration. So, what plants do best in office environments? Keep reading to find out.

Best Office Plants: Factors to Consider

According to a 2020 Gallup poll, Americans work an average of 43.8 hours a week. For office workers, that is a lot of time sitting inside at a desk and having plants in the office can certainly help to cheer the place up.

There are a few factors to consider when selecting indoor office plants that will influence your decision. The best plants for an office are ones that don’t require a lot of sunlight and are easy to take care of. After all, we have enough to do without having to baby the plants we work with. The following plants fit these criteria.

1. Sansevieria

The Sansevieria plant (dracaena trifasciata) is a classic favourite for office spaces. You may have heard it called a snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue as the leaves are large, thick, and leathery.

Sansevierias are a beautifully striking piece suitable for corners, counters, and desktops. They grow best in shaded indirect sunlight and they are very easy to take care of. The growth of the plant is relatively slow so you can expect to enjoy it for many years as a desktop/countertop plant and maybe replant it later on in a larger floor pot to decorate a corner.

2. Peace Lily

A native of the tropical rain forests of America, the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) provides an elegant touch to any office space. Characterized by vibrant large green leaves and flamboyant white blooms, these plants are sure to strike and awe.

Besides being incredibly beautiful all year round, the Peace Lilly is known to be one of the best plants for purifying the air of inside environments. In fact, a study performed by NASA found the Peace Lily to be in the top ten plants for indoor air pollution abatement.

The plant gets its name from the white blooms that resemble the white surrender flag of war. They bloom in the spring but may also bloom in the autumn if they are well cared for. They prefer bright filtered light but are also capable of growing in lower light levels as well.

3. Neon Pothos – Goldilocks

Named after their bright electrifying green leaves, the Neon Pothos certainly makes a statement. One reason to have plants in an office is the splash of colour they provide. The gorgeous bright green foliage of this plant will quickly grow along bookshelves or counters spreading its beauty anywhere you want it to go.

Pothos plants grow strong and hardy. They are tough and reliable making them an easy-care office plant. Another advantage of having pathos growing around is the more they grow the more they purify the air in your office. Pathos plants remove pollutants such as benzene, carbon monoxide, and xylene from the surrounding air.

There are so many benefits to growing Pathos indoors it is no wonder they are a favourite type of plant for homes and offices alike. The ancient Chinese tradition Feng Shui has long considered Pathos plants capable of cleansing negative energy which would certainly be helpful in an office environment.

4. Devil’s Ivy – Pothos

If you are looking for an office plant nearly impossible to kill, you have found it in the Devil’s Ivy. Incidentally, another name for the Devil’s Ivy is “money plant”. What office wouldn’t want a money plant around?

Characterized by marbled green and yellow leaves, the Devil’s Ivy has an iconic look of layered complexity.

Many plants quickly look unhealthy and lose colour in their leaves without ideal light and consistent watering. Not the Devil’s Ivy, however. Even if you often forget to water the plant, it will survive without losing its lustre.

While this plants ability to survive low light and watering neglect make it a perfect office plant, its ability to climb and crawl along surfaces make growing this plant fun to watch for everyone in the office. This plant may very well be the only “devil” you want to work besides.

5. Zanzibar Gem

When it comes to office desk plants, you can’t go wrong with the Zanzibar Gem. The beautiful growing arrangements and deep emerald green leaves make the plant appear to be wondrously arranged and immaculately taken care of. Yet, Zanzibar Gems can take a lot of neglect and still look great.

This plant thrives in low to medium light, making it ideal for desktops away from direct sunlight or a no windows office. The plant is resilient as it is resistant or immune to many pests that harm other indoor plants. If you are a novice or laid back plant owner, this plant is your gem indeed.


Get an Office Plant Delivered

Adding office plants to your workspace can make all the difference in everything from your general well-being to your ability to work efficiently and effectively. The best plants for an office are ones that require little attention to stay healthy and beautiful.

Whether you are looking to cheer up your little area of the office or a business owner looking to improve the look and feel of your office space for your employees and guests, Bloomspace has you covered.

Shop our office plant collection today and start enjoying your workday more tomorrow.  Check out our corporate page for further details on greenifying your office place.

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