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Indoor plants are our passion

Here at Bloomspace we are passionate about indoor plants and want to help you create your own green space at home. Based in Sydney, we deliver beautiful indoor plants across Australia to NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT & SA.


Plant Quality is Everything

Unlike other online and offline plant stores we take the quality of our indoor plants very seriously.


Mature Plants are Stunning

All our plants are nursed into excellent health and are fully-matured. This means that our plants are HUGE.


Commitment to Customer Service

We are here to help in any way possible. Our goal is to help you create your own inner jungle.

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Top Selling Plants

We currently have over 23 different plants in stock. Our plant range is updated regularly and can be viewed here.


Hardy Elephant Ears

If you wanted to have one plant that could fill your balcony and still bring a tropical forest feel, this is it. Very large plant. BUY NOW


ZZ Plant

This is the perfect plant for a laidback gardener. This tough plant can survive long periods of neglect, including low light and little water.  BUY NOW


String of Pearls

This unusual plant has the most beautiful lacy green foliage which grow from their furry rhizomes that creep over the top of the plant pot. BUY NOW 


Rubber Tree

If you want to make a bold statement with a floor length indoor plant, Rubber plant is the perfect fit. BUY NOW


Monstera Deliciosa

It’s a fast growing, adaptive and easy to care for plant, making it an ideal indoor plant even for the most novice gardener. BUY NOW


Fiddle Leaf Fig

With its large, violin-shaped, sculptural leaves, the fiddle leaf fig tree creates a dramatic effect in any space. BUY NOW


Peacock Plant

The aptly named Peacock plant has the most beautiful bold and decorative markings of a peacock’s tail. BUY NOW


Rattle Snake Plant

Rattlesnake plants have long, slender, pale green leaves shaped like a lance with dark green border and markings. BUY NOW


Zebra Plant

The incredibly luscious foliage of the Zebra Plant is very absorbent and reactive. Expect it to move over the day. BUY NOW

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